15 Aug

How can I help?

I created Gü, the much-loved iconic chocolate pud brand, from scratch and built it into a great international business with a great team of people.

It now sells somewhere in the world every second…

Are you ready to do the same?

Brand Workout
All good brands need a compelling promise which is then kept. We focus on your product and what makes it special, the brand look and feel and any rituals that can be created out of your brand.

Ideas Safaris
Creative ideas are like London Buses: several come at once and then you get a long wait. The trick is to know where to wait and which one to get on. Many great GU ideas came from random “Safaris”.

The Pitch
How much of your success boils down to a really good Pitch? Get the pitch right, and you’re listed in 300 stores; your business transformed. We’ll work together on your pitch to maximise your chances of success.

get ready to grow You’ve survived the recession – well done!  Now its time to get really ambitious. I doubled the size of my business every year from when I started to when I sold out. Let’s work on yours.

… or let’s start with breakfast

I’m talking Full English not Continental. As the eggs arrive we’ll mull over your brand challenges and over copious slices of toast and marmalade we’ll come up with one good idea – I promise …